Our Swedish partners

What is the project about?

This project aims to develop functional and smart tooling for manufacturing. The sensors in these smart tooling will provide beneficial data for many types of machining operations and scientific enquiries. They will specifically provide quantitative thermal and mechanical data about the process during metal cutting. By integrating sensors into commercial tools and creating a supportive infrastructure, the project will deliver viable products for use in industry and academia. Industry will benefit from improved process control, which will lead to cost savings. With the gained high-resolution time and position data, scientific progress may also be expected on the phenomena involved, while simultaneously advancing machining R&D.

What will the Swedish partners do in this project?

LUND focuses on the design of tools with integrated thermal sensors for varied manufacturing processes and applications. This includes development of industrially relevant thermal sensors for stationary and rotating tools and checking their accuracy and robustness against other laboratory-established temperature measuring techniques.

SECO Tools (SECO) will use the results directly to manufacture the novel smart tools and tooling systems as an addition to their product range of tools, dies and tooling systems for advanced manufacturing applications. AccuSvenska also plans to use the knowledge and experience from the project to extend their product range, by optimising their cooling and lubrication solutions. Purmo aims to implement Smart Tooling from this project, within its machining processes, to take the next step in automation towards unmanned production, providing a competitive edge through cost reduction and more accuracy.