Our Canadian partners

Rainhouse Manufacturing Canada and The National Research Council Canada Collaboration on Developing Smart Machining Tools for Advanced Manufacturing

Rainhouse Manufacturing Canada is partnering with the National Research Council – Aerospace Manufacturing Technologies Center (NRC-AMTC) and key members of the Swedish manufacturing industry on the ToolSense project to develop smart tools for metal and tool cutting. These smart tools created from the ToolSense initiative will provide information and feedback from thin-film and nano-sized semiconductor device manufacturing nodes that will be located both on the tool and on the platform.
The ToolSense project work is highly cutting edge and could improve machining processes across the Industry, which is estimated to be worth US $9.3 billion in North America and $61.9 billion globally in 2018.

The Computer Numerical Control Machine Industry

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machines are used in automotive, aerospace and defense, power and energy, construction equipment, and industrial sectors to perform multiple operations that create low cost and precise parts. The different types of machines that fall under the CNC title perform functions to include lathes, milling, cutting, drilling, lasers, grinding, winding, and welding machines.CNC machines already provide numerous benefits to large manufacturing industries, such as decreasing operating costs and improving overall production efficiency with advanced and accurate tools that meet the needs of machining and manufacturing processes. The ToolSense project aims to further increase the performance capabilities of CNC machines to create a future of machining and manufacturing with even higher precision and accuracy.